Services/ Rates

I don’t just "write" when you hire me.

That’s right. 

I also:

  • Conduct a detailed audience research to find blog post topics that will engage your ideal customer.


  • Optimize your blog posts for search engines (don’t worry – no keyword stuffing!)
  • Carryout Extensive topic research – to make sure your blog trumps your competitor’s and ranks higher.


  • Format your posts for easy readability – Lists, bullets, headers, images, and videos.


  • Include screenshots/links to make the post more data-driven when it needs to be.
  • Choose blog post titles designed to get attention on social media


  • Hire an editor to proofread your posts so they’re error-free.

Also, If the post has my byline, I’ll promote it by sharing it with my social media following of 10,000+ people. 

So, How much does this All Cost?

My blog posts aren’t cheap.

But I charge high rates because I care about your work and your success. A lot. 

I obsess over hitting every deadline and only produce the BEST work.

And I know how much time it takes to write an in-depth, well-researched blog post that gets results for your business (a lot of time!).

So, my blog posts are typically…

(drum roll please!)

<1,000 words – $500

1000-1500 words – $700

1,500-2,500 words $1000

2,500-3,500 words – $1500


If you’re ready to invest in content that helps you convert your blog traffic into pre-qualified leads waiting to be sold to by your sales team, reach out!

I’m just an email away!


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