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Here are 3 samples of my work

  • I wrote an email for a Financial Insitution that led to a 100% increase in card requests in 24 hours. 
  • I was asked to create the “most detailed article available online” for the keyword “operational excellence” and after days of keyword research and data scouting, I wrote this. 
  • From this sample, you can see that I carry out extensive topic research – to make sure your blog trumps your competitors and ranks higher.
  • This sample shows how well I format my posts for easy readability – Lists, bullets, headers, images, and videos.
  • And this sample gives a clear example of how I include screenshots/links to make the post more data-driven when it needs to be.

Here's some social proof

  • An email I wrote for a Financial Insititution doubled in-app card requests by 100% in 24 hours. 
  • My articles (ghostwritten for clients or bylined) have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Search Engine Watch, and other publications.
  • I co-founded a platform dedicated to helping Nigerian Business owners and freelancers market themselves better and gain more customers and clients.

    So far, we have worked directly with over 200 Nigerians to help them start and scale successful businesses and freelance careers and built an active list of over 5000 Nigerian business owners and freelancers.

  • To ensure that I’m always on top of my game, I’m currently being directly tutored by Elise Dopson (A writer for CXLdotcom, Wix, CoSchedule, Hubspot, etc.)

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