B2B Content Marketing

For B2B SaaS Marketers – This is why more than 90% of your blog readers never become leads

Traffic is essential, but that’s not where it stops. You want to see all the money you are investing into content marketing reflected in the quantity and quality of leads and subscribers your B2B blog converts daily.

Today you’re going to learn the exact blog content and CTA strategy we use at BlogPosts For Funnels to turn our clients’ blog traffic into thousands of qualified leads and recurring monthly income.

How Covid-19 Changed B2B content marketing in 2019

How Covid-19 Changed B2B Content Marketing in 2020 (20+ IMPORTANT facts you should know)

In addition to the health impact of Covid-19, there have also been economic and commercial impacts being felt globally and across different industries.

B2B content marketing was not left out of this effect. In fact, only 6% of B2B marketers reported having made no changes to their content marketing strategies in response to the pandemic.

This article summarizes 22 important facts – derived from this year’s B2B Content Marketing report by Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs, and ON24 – you can use to improve your content marketing strategy and stay ahead of your competition.