Hi There, I'm Hili!

I help SaaS companies and B2B SaaS marketing agencies get new customers by writing and updating in-depth and data-driven blog posts and long-form content. 

I connect Your Ideal Client to You - with Smart blog posts!

Every piece of content your business puts out should align with ONE BIG PICTURE

Converting your readers into leads. 

And for your blog posts to do that, they must: 

  1. Deliver immense value and help your reader solve a problem .
  2. Entertain, engage and hold your reader’s attention from start to finish.
  3. Communicate empathy. A well written blog post will make your reader feel seen and understood. 

And that’s what I do for SaaS companies and B2B SaaS marketing agencies.

Here’s a few other things you should know about me:

  • I’m incredibly reliable and have never missed a deadline with any freelance blogging work.
  • I focus on getting results and understand that every part of blogging – from headline creation to formatting to SEO – must be strategic. 

if it's shitty content you want, please go somewhere else

Sorry not sorry. 

I proudly say “NO!” to boring, thoughtless, and keyword-stuffed content work.


Because I’m not one of those $50/ blog post writers littered across the internet. 

I only do quality work. 

  • Detailed audience research – for better targeted Topic ideas.
  • Extensive topic research – to make sure your blog trumps your competitor’s and ranks higher.


  •  Badass formatting – Lists, bullets, headers, images, screenshots, and videos.

    Whatever it takes to give your reader the value they came for.

And hey, if you’re serious about getting results with blog posts that actually work, let’s talk!

send me an email ojemebenahili@gmail.com

Or click here to email me now. 

Meet the team!

Benahili Ojeme

Product Marketing Manager, Writer, and proud parent to two poorly behaved cats.

Mo Isu

Editor, Researcher & Podcast Producer