Hi, I'm Benahili Ojeme.

Utilizing over 5 years of marketing experience, I help technology-led companies create, launch, and scale customer-researched products to drive financial inclusion for the world’s most remote population.

I believe that every human should have access to basic financial and social services. This belief fuels my passion and guides my execution

I've worked with brands like:

To get real results from your B2B blog, you need an expert writer experienced enough to know what works and what doesn't.

Take a look at the top Google results for your target keyword.

Chances are, the top spots are already taken up by big-name brands with existing authority. 

Unlike you, they don’t have to offer any real value to rank. 

They get the top spots for the same keywords you’re trying to rank for…

Because their site is big and has lots of existing power – not because the content itself is any good.

An important note: I’m not saying that SEO content is completely useless. 

I have written a couple of those myself and clients still hire me to write them! 

Heck! here’s an article I wrote for one of the big guys that ranks on the first page:


But if you decide to produce the same kind of unoriginal, rehashed, and generic blog content that looks like everything else on Google…

You’ll lose in more ways than one. 

  • Time 
  • Money 
  • Credibility 
  • And the trust of every prospect that visits your blog hoping to find a unique solution to their problem.

I'm an expert B2B Content Writer that can help you beat the odds and get the results you need.

Here are the B2B writing techniques & styles that I use to help my clients get real results and a massive return on their content marketing investment. 


Thought leadership pieces are original, unique, and offer new insights into already existing problems. 

This type of content can not be compared with the “high-level fluff” your reader will find on your competitor’s blog. It is completely built from scratch and shares arguments, experiments, or opinions that are unique to your organization. 

Your reader will immediately perceive you as an authority capable of solving their problems and will be eager to take the next step. 

Whether that’s claiming their free trial, requesting a demo, or reaching out to  your sales team.


This kind of content addresses your prospect’s deepest pain points and presents your solution as “all that they’ve been searching for.

Here’s a simple example of how this works.

Let’s say your product is an Instagram scheduling tool.

Instead of imitating the articles that appear on page one of search for a term like “how to schedule Instagram posts,” I’d create a detailed “how-to” guide on scheduling Instagram posts – using your tool. 

For your product-led blog post, I would:

  • Showcase screenshots of unique ways your product works.
  • Pull quotes on specific ways your users have used your product to solve their problems and use that as tutorial content.
  • Include user-generated content like tweets, Instagram posts, and reviews to explain your point
  • Cut + paste how your users said your product is better than a competitor



Backlinks! Backlinks! Backlinks!

You need backlinks from high-quality sites to rank well in search. And quality sites will only give links to content that’s worth it. 

Unique data can be what separates your blog post from every other piece of content ranking for the same search term. 

For each blog post I will conduct necessary surveys, collect your own data, and present it in a way that nobody else has.



Hi, I’m Benahili,
Owner & B2B SaaS Copywriter at BlogPosts For Funnels

Wondering what makes me different? 

2 things actually.

  1. I write with your big picture marketing goals in mind… and not just to meet a word count 😅
  2. will make sure that none of your readers doze off mid-sentence while reading your blog posts.

You see, I approach blogging from a marketing perspective.

With one goal in mind:

Converting your readers into leads & customers.

  • I will do the in-depth and technical research 
  • I will give your content a voice
  • And I will always leave a lasting impression on your readers

Bottom line: 

I can help you create blog content & strategy that wins your business more leads and customers. 

Why should you work with Me?

I can think of a few reasons…

I'm Incredibly Thorough

My attention to detail and obsession with quality is A1.

Missed Deadline?
What's That?

Your happiness and success fuels my career, confidence, and ego.
Letting you down means letting myself down and I won't let that happen.

I Understand The Value of Communication and Feedback

why do My blog posts drive results?


  • They deliver value
  • Show niche authority
  • And express empathy

When your reader gets to the point where they believe:

  • You have an in-depth knowledge and experience with solving their deepest pain points
  • You’re not just another SaaS company trying to make them “sign up for a free trial
  • And that you care about their business goals (beyond the surface level bull-shit

They’re sold! 

That’s what you want, isn’t it? 

More eyes on your product/ service and most of those eyes converted into paying customers. 

I understand that.

And that’s why my blog posts get results.

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